World Diabetes Day 2023

It's 14th November!

Posted by Zach Simone on November 14, 2023 · 1 min read

Hero image showing 'World Diabetes Day'

14th November. That means it’s World Diabetes Day. I struggle to call it “happy”, but you get the point.

I know that diabetes isn’t easy to manage, but I also know that everyone does the best they can – and that’s worth celebrating.

As such, today is a good day for learning something new about diabetes. Look into how you can help fundraise, how you can better manage diabetes through healthy eating, exercise, or another method that works for you, read up on the possible complications and the best ways to avoid them.

Interestingly, this year Apple has published new data as part of its health studies on factors that influence blood glucose. 9to5Mac has a great summary, otherwise you can read more detail on the study website. If reading it is the only additional action you take today, it will be well worth your time.

Glucomate is helping to empower every finger prick and data point – embracing the journey of managing diabetes one reading at at time.

Glucomate is an app for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch that uses as a data source and store for blood glucose readings, and provides you with an elegant way to record readings, but also to review history and trends later on with beautiful summaries and charts.

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